MHA: Student and Mentor
MHA: Student and Mentor

MHA: Student and Mentor

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  • Hard enamel pins with 2 rubber clutches
  • Includes a backstamp for authenticity
  • Illustrated by TONERU.



  • Aizawa - 75.88 mm
  • Shinsou - 75.98 mm



  • LE 85 - OG w/ gold plating




Please note that enamel pins are handmade and imperfections are bound to happen. Also I am not a harsh grader. I grade a pin based on how noticeable the defects are. I also do not include the sides and the back when grading.

  • A Grade - The best of the batch. If the defect isn't noticeable when viewed upfront, held at arms length away from the face and without tilting, then I will grade them as A or Standard grade.
  • B Grade - Pins with noticeable defects. Still looks good at arms length but the defects are more noticeable and more prominent when inspected closer.
  • C Grade - The worst of the batch. Highly discounted.